How can medical cannabis help you?

How can medical cannabis help you?

As more and more research is conducted, it is becoming clear that medical cannabis is an effective first-line medication in treating a host of medical conditions that are presently being treated using traditional pharmaceuticals.

As more and more research is conducted, it is becoming clear that medical cannabis is an effective first-line medication in treating a host of medical conditions that are presently being treated using traditional pharmaceuticals. These ‘mainstream’ medicines often cause a host of adverse side-effects. Some pharmaceuticals, such as opioids and benzodiazepines, have a high risk of addiction and potential for building a tolerance which requires patients to take ever-increasing doses for the same level of relief. In some cases, even powerful drugs like these do not alleviate the problem.

In this blog, we look at real-life stories of difficult medical cases that have been successfully treated with Kaiser Day’s pharmaceutical-grade, vaporisable medical cannabis and are based upon sworn affidavits provided by the patients themselves, attesting to the efficacy of the Kaiser Day vaporisable medical cannabis treatments.

We are grateful to our patients for allowing us to share their stories to educate and inform the wider public. All names have been changed to protect our patients’ privacy.

Chronic Pain

Thirty-three-year-old father and husband, John*, has suffered from severe knee pain since he was involved in a workplace accident in 2005. Even after surgery and physiotherapy, he continued to live with pain and was unable to participate in sports such as football and baseball. He later developed lower back pain because of his knee injury and was prescribed multiple, powerful painkillers such as pethidine, oxycodone, tramadol. He was also prescribed corticosteroids for inflammation. When John still experienced breakthrough pain despite the powerful painkillers he was prescribed, he also began taking up to 2500mg of both ibuprofen and paracetamol daily, which can be toxic to the kidneys and liver at such high doses and long duration.

John found that these medicines caused unpleasant digestive side effects and weight gain. Worse, he felt judged as an addict by the very same doctors prescribing his opioid treatments. The powerful painkillers further left him unable to perform his job. Finally, a physician at Doctors Express worked with John to develop a treatment plan for his chronic pain using Kaiser Day’s vaporisable medical cannabinoids. John was prescribed Kaiser Day’s Relief ™ formulation, which is a 4:1 CBD:THC, full-spectrum cannabinoid blend, complemented with a proprietary terpene profile with anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful in treating chronic pain conditions such as migraines and arthritis. After only a few weeks of treatment, John described the Relief ™ blend as a “God-given gift” for his pain and inflammation and found it was ideal for daytime use.

Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Janet* is a 53-year-old mom of three who has suffered from many ailments related to her gastric cancer treatment. Fourteen months of aggressive chemotherapy and steroids treatment caused a range of unpleasant side effects such as an inability to eat, headaches, “memory block,” mood swings and depression. She took many medications before being prescribed Kaiser Day’s vaporisable medical cannabis by her physician at Doctors Express. Janet was impressed by the benefits she was seeing from the vaporisable medical cannabis, which allowed her to balance her mood and be productive without the adverse side effects she was having from other medications. Moreover, she found the vaping device to be a discreet, easily-transportable way of ingesting medication, which was excellent for treating acute symptoms.


Fifty-seven-year-old mother and grandmother Maude* had been sick and in pain for most of her life with symptoms that were only much later diagnosed as fibromyalgia. The many medications prescribed for her stiff joints caused bloating, nausea, stomach pain, chronic diarrhoea, swollen extremities and persistent itching while leaving her tired all the time. Much of her life was spent virtually immobile in bed and in pain, leading to depression and anxiety.

When medical cannabis became legal in Cayman, she visited her physician at Doctors Express to discuss whether it might be right for her. Maude had some initial doubts and preconceptions about cannabis that she discussed with her doctor. Once she was comfortable with the proposed treatment plan, Maude was prescribed Kaiser Day’s Sleep ™ formulation, which is a high-THC blend containing full-spectrum cannabinoids and complemented with sleep-promoting terpenes such as myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene, terpineol and linalool that are designed to help patients fall asleep – and stay asleep. Maude immediately began sleeping better. Her pain and inflammation began to ease and suddenly she started to move and live again. After being in bed for most of the day, she was finally able to play with her grandchildren, carry groceries and enjoy taking walks around her neighbourhood.

Anxiety and Depression

Twenty-six-year-old Caymanian businessman David* had been a long-term sufferer of anxiety and depression, which went untreated for many years. His condition made it difficult for him to get up in the morning. The social anxiety he suffered caused him difficulty making genuine human connections with people around him. He often felt tearful and unable to focus. Meditation and yoga helped him to some degree, but he was also prescribed Ativan, a type of benzodiazepine, for anxiety and sleeping pills for his insomnia. Then he read an article about vaporisable medical cannabis that led him to talk to his physician at Doctors Express about whether the treatment might be right for him.

David worked with his physician at Doctors Express to develop a treatment plan that fit his lifestyle and addressed his particular conditions. Given his anxiety, David’s doctor determined that he would benefit from Kaiser Day’s balanced, 1:1 THC:CBD and full-spectrum cannabinoid formulations: Relax™ and Bliss™.

Kaiser Day’s Relax™ formulation harnesses the anti-anxiety properties of CBD complemented with the calming effects of myrcene and the balancing influences of caryophyllene and limonene. The Relax™ formulation also features terpenes such as linalool, phytol and borneol. To help treat his social anxiety, David’s doctor also prescribed Kaiser Day’s Bliss™, a balanced 1:1 THC:CBD and full-spectrum cannabinoid formulation complemented by uplifting terpenes such as caryophyllene, which has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety and have pain-relieving properties.

Together, these Kaiser Day vaporisable medical cannabis formulations proved far more effective than traditional medication in helping to balance David’s emotions and allowing him to live day-to-day without any side effects. It also provides instant and highly convenient relief from acute anxiety attacks in contrast to previous medicines that required dosing hours in advance.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Twenty-five-year-old Cara* is a long-term PCOS sufferer, experiencing irregular menstrual cycles, nausea and severe chronic pain that sometimes resulted in blackouts. She further suffers from chronic migraines, insomnia and associated mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Cara found coping with daily life and work exceptionally difficult under such circumstances. She consulted with multiple doctors who prescribed a variety of medications ranging from Xanax, a benzodiazepine, to strong painkillers and a range of antibiotics. However, these did not help. One doctor went so far as to suggest that she get pregnant to alleviate her PCOS symptoms.

Cara did not feel ready to take such a big step so early in her life. Finally, she decided to visit Doctors Express for a confidential medical cannabis consultation. After discussing her condition, her physician at Doctors Express prescribed Cara Kaiser Day’s Whole Life® set, which contains each of Kaiser Day’s 4 vaporisable medical cannabis formulations: Relief™, Bliss™, Relax™ and Sleep™. Cara felt immediate relief. The chronic aches and pains, nausea, mental illness symptoms, blackouts, insomnia and migraines were alleviated. She could use the vaping device whenever it was necessary and started to feel like she had a life again, smiling even when experiencing PCOS symptoms.

Hard-to-treat Conditions

Caymanian mother Jayne*, 43, has suffered for years from a range of diagnosed medical conditions causing pain and other symptoms. She had tried various prescription medications over that time but had never been able to achieve a symptom-free state. Worst of all, the side effects of these prescriptions were nearly unmanageable, including extreme drowsiness, dizziness, potential for addiction, weight gain and an upset stomach – all of which made normal life impossible for Jayne.

When her doctor prescribed vaporisable medical cannabis, she was relieved to try a natural medication that was 100% plant-based. Even better news was that it worked immediately with no side effects. When her symptoms flared up, Jayne was able to take a short puff of the vaporisable medical cannabis to feel better instantly. She was also able to return to work and even to come off some the pills her other doctors had prescribed.

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These case studies show that vaporisable medical cannabis is a safer, more natural treatment that is increasingly being used to alleviate a wide range of symptoms and ailments.

If you’d like to learn more about the history, science and benefits of medical cannabis, please visit our dedicated medical cannabis page.

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